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I visited an exotic fruit farm several months ago, but it is more like a mini rain forest. This 5 acre nursery is owned by a husband and wife and they've owned it for 20 years. You can buy potted trees and plants, but they have also planted every plant they sell in the ground too and let them grow wild. So you're walking under branches with exotic fruits and vines hanging everywhere. I seriously feel as if I've visited the amazon! There were even parrots squaking and workers speaking Spanish (this, to me, adds to the exoticness of my experience). Anyway, here's my pics!



Every inch of the place looks like a jungle, just like this pic!

There is so much fruit there, that the owners cannot keep up with it! The husband told me to take as much fruit as I want and they even had a fruit-tasting table! They are amazing people.

Beautiful banana blossom. They have something like 40 different banana species, including one called an ice cream banana and a kind that is striped!

I *think* this may be a type of Sapote.




Cacti fruit. This looks so cool inside:



These little berries have a very hard shell (you have to use a knife to open them), but then they look and taste like a lychee on the inside. Yum!

Cotton I believe? It felt just like it.

Dragonfruit! I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever get to taste one of these, let alone, see it growing! I always thought I'd have to travel to the tropics to find one!

Then I came home and washed and displayed all of my fruit!

Here's all the different varieties I picked:

Here's that weird fruit that looks like a lychee on the inside:

Don't know what this is, but it tasted very good!

Cacti fruit:






I forgot to post what the inside looks like, so here's a pic from the internet:
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