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I live in Naples, Italy, and I went to an amphitheater that was completely run over by plants a couple months back. I was wondering if photos of this would fit the theme here? I would be unable to post photos until January 10, but I would pot them, if that is okay.

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PS: whut! FIRST POST OF 2009! ^^;
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Early this morning i snapped some pics while my night blooming cactus was still in full flower...it's a most spectacular sight, the blooms don't smell like much, but they are sort of flourescent white, even in the dark of night...I wonder if it really does attract bats, while I'm asleep...as soon as the sun comes out, the flowers wilt and close. This is the first year I've had this many blooms on the cactus....

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I visited an exotic fruit farm several months ago, but it is more like a mini rain forest. This 5 acre nursery is owned by a husband and wife and they've owned it for 20 years. You can buy potted trees and plants, but they have also planted every plant they sell in the ground too and let them grow wild. So you're walking under branches with exotic fruits and vines hanging everywhere. I seriously feel as if I've visited the amazon! There were even parrots squaking and workers speaking Spanish (this, to me, adds to the exoticness of my experience). Anyway, here's my pics!


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