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Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc is a French botanist who made his name with the plant wall, which is an unusual mixture of science and art. His vertical wall of low light foliage plants thrive on a soiless durable frame of metal, PVC and nonbiodegradable felt.

He studied at Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris and traveled to Malaysia and Thailand for the first time in 1972 to observe how plants managed to grow on rocks or in forest underbrush. He has been a researcher with the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris since 1982. A fixture in the French media, he has also published a handful of books for a general audience about his work.

Here's the man himself:

Hmmmmmm........kinda makes me want to create one of my own!!
Here's how you start it out:

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Wonderful! I want a fuzzy house now!
These are AMAZING! I did not know they existed. I am soooo excited! THANK YOU for pointing this out!
You're very welcome!
that face is incredible... the grass hair and the design..... want to post it on my art community? http://community.livejournal.com/mystical_art/
wow, these are so beautiful and surreal...